New Student 取向 is East Georgia's official undergraduate student orientation 程序. The first step to complete your orientation requirements is to finish the 取向 virtual modules. Undergraduate students will be able to register for a New Student 取向 session when they complete their modules. 新一年级 undergraduate students are 要求 to attend an NSO session.

Through a series of virtual modules, East Georgia's Online 取向 kicks off your on-boarding experience at the 大学. To complete the modules, you will need set up your myEGSC account. Once you have logged into your account, click on the "Student 取向" link in your shortcuts menu. 

Once you’ve completed the online 程序 modules, you’ll find a screen that lists your 要求 next steps, which are based on your specific student type (each of which is defined below). 请注意, all first-year students can only register for their 要求 in-person orientation at the completion of the 网络模块.

Because orientation can make a significant difference in a student's success and persistence in 大学, students should visit the online orientation as often as needed to ensure a successful transition and integration into 大学 life at EGSC. 家庭成员 are welcome to also review the information with you. After completion of the orientation modules, you should:

    • Gain a better understanding of the personal and financial responsibilities of attending 大学
    • Learn about campus services, activities, academic resources, and the 大学 experience 
    • Learn about completing 大学 business, such as getting your CatCard, talking to 住房, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, etc
    • Find ways to get involved on campus
    • Understand what is expected of you as a student at EGSC

For questions or concerns about the 取向 process or your student type, email admissionsFREEOMNIUPDATE.


Click the next steps button below for your next steps:


First-Year Students

All first-year students on are 要求 to complete Online 取向 and then register for your 要求 in-person New Student 取向 (NSO) date. You cannot register for your in-person NSO event until you’ve fully completed the 网络模块.

瞬态, Postbaccalaureate and ReAdmit/以前的学生

瞬态, postbaccalaureate, and former students are only 要求 to complete the 网络模块 — not New Student 取向. Your online orientation hold will be removed within 24 to 48 hours of completion. If you need assistance with course selection and registration, make an appointment with an academic advisor through the myEGSC portal in the GradesFirst app.

Dual-招收ment Students

Dual-enrollment students are 要求 to complete the online 取向 and the 双录取 coordinator will reach out to the student and high school counselor to provide further instructions on registration.