A transient student is a student who is enrolled at one school (known as the 首页 institution) and has decided to classes at another (known as the Host institution). Students may decide to become transient because the Host institution offers some of the classes they need online, at a more convenient time, closer to their home, or at a lower tuition rate. 瞬态 students are still eligible for financial aid however, it does work a little differently.


If you are currently enrolled at EGSC and are considering taking classes at another institution there are some procedures and regulations regarding financial aid that you need to know about.

    • First, you must request a transient letter be sent by East Georgia State College to your Host institution. You may access this document on myEGSC portal in Registrar's 形式.
    • The EGSC 瞬态 Representative will submit a consortium agreement to the Host institution.
    • Once your Host institution returns the consortium agreement, we will award your financial aid based on the courses indicated on the agreement.
    • You will need to pay tuition and fees to the Host institution out of your pocket.
    • Financial aid refunds will be paid to you at the regularly scheduled refund date for that semester, and you will then be reimbursed for the classes at the Host institution.
    • The HOPE Scholarship is the only financial aid that will pay out at two different institutions at the same time. Talk to your Host institution about receiving the HOPE 奖学金.

If you are currently enrolled at another institution and wish to take classes at EGSC as a transient student, you need to:

    • Apply to East Georgia State College.
    • Upon admission, request a transient letter of permission from your 首页 institution. 
    • The 瞬态 Representative from your 首页 institution will send EGSC a consortium agreement, which we will complete and return to your 首页 institution.
    • You must pay tuition, fees, and books out of your pocket to EGSC by the payment deadline.  There are no exceptions to this rule.
    • Your 首页 institution will issue your financial aid refunds at their regularly scheduled time. 
    • The HOPE Scholarship is the only financial aid that will pay out at two different institutions at the same time. EGSC will process your HOPE Scholarship for the classes 了在这里.
These steps need to be completed in advance of payment deadlines to assure timely financial aid processing.


Apply for Financial Aid