East Georgia State College 隐私声明

Updated on:  February 15, 2021

This statement discloses the practices with respect to the gathering and dissemination of 信息 we (EGSC) obtain from users of EGSC websites.

This statement applies to those sites for which EGSC is the operator, although software, hosting and other functions may be provided by third parties (“Service Providers”).

East Georgia State College (EGSC) is committed to the responsible use of personal 信息 and sensitive 信息 collected from and about its students, faculty, staff, and others who provide such 信息 to the college. This commitment is in accordance with both state and federal regulations concerning the use of sensitive 信息. Such sensitive 信息 includes 信息 that could be used to cause financial harm or reputational harm to any individual. This statement applies to personally identifiable sensitive 信息 and how it is collected.

Users may be prompted to provide their name, email address, cell phone, and other contact data to EGSC. By providing EGSC with this contact data, you give EGSC permission to contact you (the user) through email, text message (SMS) and/or other additional 方法. We may share contact data 信息 with 3rd party providers to provide services and functions and there may be additional privacy policies from each provider. EGSC does not sell your contact data and will only share your 信息 to authorized 3rd party providers. If you no longer wish to be contacted, you may unsubscribe from the appropriate system(s) or contact IT.

EGSC may collect certain 信息 that is automatically generated when a user visits 一个网站. We may also collect 信息 about the use of the sites, including, but not limited to, which pages are most frequently visited, how many visitors we receive daily, and how long visitors stay on each page. A visitor may be prompted or required to provide certain personal 信息 to access various features and 信息 在网站上. Such 信息 may include, among other things, name, address, email address, and phone number. If a visitor does not want to provide such 信息, he or she may choose not to access those features of the sites. Any personal 信息 provided through the sites will be protected in accordance with the provisions of 这条语句.

Links within the college website may direct you to other websites that we do not control. EGSC is not responsible for the privacy practices, policies, actions, web content, services, or products of non-EGSC sites to which we link.

Cookies are files that many websites transfer to users’ web browsers to enable the site to deliver personalized services or to provide persistent authentication. 的 信息 contained in a cookie typically includes 信息 collected automatically by the web server and/or 信息 provided voluntarily by the user. 我们的网站 uses persistent cookies in conjunction with a third-party technology partner to analyze search engine usage and web traffic patterns.

If you have any questions, contact privacyFREEOMNIUPDATE